11 December 2017

tweaking . . .

I’m still using the same palette of watercolors that filled the top of the first page, but thanks to Maria of Expeditionary Art creating a new half pan size, I have added a couple more colors to my pocket palette: phthalo green for mixing and indanthrone blue just because I like it.

Having smaller amounts of phthalo blue and phthalo green just make sense, as powerful as these pigments are. You really need only a very tiny bit.

Now that I look at this new layout, I’m thinking I could easily get by with a smaller size of buff titanium as well. But what additional color would I add?


  1. You're absolutely right about the phthalos--a little bit goes a long way! Love your colors!

    1. I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with both phthalos since first beginning to learn about watercolor 12 years ago. Too strong to handle on their own (the green is garish!) yet they are simply wonderful in mixes! I love both mixed with Daniel Smith’s quinacridone gold; I have no idea what to replace that discontinued pigment with after my stash is used up.


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