07 December 2017

a palette with fountain pen

I finally managed to put together a watercolor palette that my new Liliput fountain pen fits in.

Instead of my regular Schminke travel palette, I decided to use this flatter metal box from Daler Rowney. The new-and-improved metal pans from Expeditionary Art are just right —- I can even fit extra tiny pans in of colors I like but don’t use as much.

This is what the box looks like closed.

I removed the paints and plastic divider that came in the box, then attached 2 business-card magnets in the bottom of the box.

And here are the fountain pen and travel brush opened and ready to use.


  1. Perfect! Looks wonderful...did you paint the box?

    1. I found this box at Target years ago, filled with student quality paints in a plastic liner. If I remember correctly, it was already white inside. But it was dirty and stained so I recently sprayed a bit of new enamel on the inside lid.
      Regular pans will fit the box if the magnet cards are left out, but I like Maria’s larger pans in it.

  2. Love that box--so pretty. What brand is your travel brush?

    1. It’s a synthetic from Daniel Smith — I think it’s a size 8 round. (I’m away from home at the moment and the palette is at home, waiting for fresh paint to dry.)


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