08 December 2017

old geezers

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Bill and his buddies from church meet in Lions, TX for coffee. And a bit of breakfast for those who wish it. We affectionately refer to them as the “old geezers”, though a couple of them are only in their 50’s. Sometimes wives come along —

Yesterday I went with Bill, as we were heading to doctor appointments directly afterwards. (him, for pain management medication, and me for scalp psoriasis — my hair once fell out due to this and I still fight it at times). As we drank our coffee (make that TEA for me), I did a continuous line drawing of the things in front of me. My “critics” mentioned that I forgot the spoon next to these things which the waitress always brings with my hot mug of water, even though I never stir anything into my tea. I bring my own tea bags and she keeps bringing me mugs of hot water.


  1. That is awesome that you can sit and sketch anywhere you happen to be. I enjoy your sketches.

    1. I used to be too shy to sketch at a table of non-sketchers but eventually started to do so when I knew that all sitting there know about my being a sketchbook artist and give me total acceptance. Explaining what a continuous line drawing is while I’m doing it helps — how could it NOT look wonky?

    2. Of course, having attended sketch crawls several years with Cathy Johnson helped my courage level! I miss those events So Much since moving to Texas.


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