22 December 2017

Shirley’s hand

Our friend Sandie is dealing with some very tough stuff. Her mother Shirley, a good friend of both Bill’s and mine since we were teenagers, is living with dementia. Her husband George is also on the downward slide, but not as deep as Shirley. And hers is a “mean” form; she says cruel things to her daughter that she would never say or mean if her mind was lucid.

Sandie recently posted a photo on Facebook that I used to sketch this memory in my journal.


  1. That has to be so difficult for your friend Sandie. I am glad she has you to lean on. Hopefully this sketch will remind her of the sweet times with her mom when she was lucid! This is a very beautiful and powerful sketch! Merry Christmas to you and Bill!

    1. Having been a good listener, Shirley was there for both Bill and me when we were dumb teens. In fact we met through her son who I was dating at the time!
      They live a long ways away, but Sandie texts and phones when she needs to let off frustrations.
      Have a blessed Christmas, Annie! Your friendship has been special to me.

    2. I have enjoyed your friendship as well!


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