09 February 2017

yesterday, I sketched!

Lately, as Bill goes through convalescence from surgery, still with severe pain down his arm (the surgery was supposed to fix that), I have not felt like sketching as often. Bill's surgeon is mystified about the pain but the discs have to completely fuse together before another MRI can be done. 

But yesterday I managed to sketch the plants on the table, in my new "burnt sienna" ink mix. Messed up a bit with the quilted cloth pattern underneath since I was drawing directly in ink, no pencil. I will probably add watercolor later.

Then I drew my shoe during church, barely hanging on my foot. It reached 85° daytime high -- and my car's air conditioner is broken. Got a bit sticky-hot. Drawn with a Pentel Pocketbrush pen, gouache added later at home.


  1. I have very comfortable shoes! I bought these from a Footsmart catalog maybe 7 years ago. I didn't sketch the scuffed toe!

  2. I'm sorry to hear Bill is still in pain. For the past eight months, my husband has been struggling with a piriformis injury, so I know how distracting and consuming that kind of chronic pain can be. I'm glad you're able to find time to sketch amidst it all.

  3. Yesterday, X-rays showed the fusion took and he no longer needs to wear the neck brace. The surgeon researched into cases like his and found that this happens in a few patients; physical therapy helps settle the nerves in many cases, so that's the next step. Trusting God as we continue . . .
    (Bill says the pain in his arm lessened a great deal when the brace was removed -- perhaps it held his neck at an angle that irritated the nerve?)

  4. Praying for your husband, Susan! The waiting can be very hard.

    1. Thank you, Vicky. I'm glad Bill is feeling better.


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