06 February 2017

more from Field Notes

With a name like Field Notes notebook, one would think that I would fill this wee purse-or-pocket sized sketchbooks with sketches of the pastures and cotton fields around us. But I tend to just grab them to draw in wherever I happen to end up sitting, whether that be church, a doctor's office, or whatever.

The above is drawn from a recent photo I took. Amazingly, butterflies are still with us through the winter even though it's been colder than normal at times.

I chose to draw my cross necklace here to go with the Scripture verse at church. It's called a "grafted in" cross, representing believers in Messiah Jesus being grafted in to the vine of Israel. God is not finished with His ancient people and His promises hold!

And then there is always a random sketch of my bag or shoe during church . . .


  1. I love your grafted in necklace, Vicky. It took a moment for the cross to come into focus! It's a wonderful piece, full of meaning.

  2. The grafted-in cross is a logo used by Beth Yeshua Hamashiach that I attended in Houston, a Messianic group that is a wonderful blend of traditional Jewish and Spirit-filled Christian worship. I googled "Messianic jewelry" and found this cross online; it appears that it is no longer available in this design.
    I have always loved the imagery of John 15 and Romans 11:17-22, so this necklace is a favorite.

  3. That' nice and precious, Vicky... love the idea...


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