18 February 2017

more mini-sketches on-the-go

Ink sketches done quickly while out and about . . . 

Sometimes I add a bit of gouache, but I didn't paint the plaid pattern on my key so I drew it in ink later.

Some days we wear short sleeves and no coats; other days require warm jackets.

Bill should know better than to leave interesting objects lying around. Before he could loan this basin wrench to a friend, I drew it.

This is my orange-red Field Notes notebook made of cardstock. It lives in my purse, ready to grab quickly for whatever happens to appear within my sketching view. These were drawn with a combination of De Atramentis document black ink in a Lamy Safari, Noodler's Lexington gray in a Kuretake brush pen,  a Pentel Pocketbrush pen, and a white Uniball Signo gel pen.


  1. I love the basin wrench, of course. It's such a specialty tool. That's a tool I recognize and one I watched my dad use but I haven't used yet. Working with mid-tone paper is on my list of things to play with, but haven't yet. Is it a process of comparing the value of the card stock to the values seen in the object and applying white gouache in the areas of lighter value?

    1. Somehow I knew the basin wrench would catch your eye, John!
      Mostly working on toned paper is using black for darks, white for highlights, and leaving the rest alone. Though I do sometimes add other color with gouache. I have trouble keeping it simple, niggler that I am.


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