29 November 2016


Blogger is not working on my iPhone anymore. Testing a post here with Reece's, our granddaughter's newly rescued kitten. 

A calico named for the candy, her best friend is Bradley, a golden retriever-great Pyrenees mix.

Well, it worked this time . . . . after it crashed 3 times first. Googled suggestions online say to just post from the browser but I can't figure out how to add photos from my phone. The tab is there but it doesn't seem to work. Oddly, the blogger app still works on my iPad. Probably because the pad is an old version.


  1. I am technologically challenged, so I am no help to you. But I love the photos. Reese's is so tiny! I love Bradley's expression!

  2. I know just enough tech to be dangerous!
    The app still works on my iPad but it's an older model. I'm sure the camera in my "new to me" phone is better, so I'd like to make this work. Unfortunately the Blogspot Blogger company has decided to not update the app to make it work with the updated phones. Age is probably why it still works fine on the pad.

    Reece's was found in an abandoned litter and rescued by our granddaughter. She weighed less than 2 pounds, too tiny for shots or flea treatment. She had no "kitten fat" and looked more like an adult cat that was shrunk -- I easily held her in the palm of my hand with space left over! She is now gaining in size and attitude; Mikala's 2 grown Maine Coon cats just look at her and shake their heads!


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