21 November 2016

testing QOR watercolors

I was ordering a few Christmas gifts from Amazon, but did not have quite enough to qualify for free shipping. So I fixed that . . . by adding a small set of QOR watercolors in earth tones. It made perfect sense to me at the time. Here, I tested the paints in my sketchbook -- They seem a bit more opaque than my favorite transparent watercolors, but I do like the brightness and they seem to mix well.

There is room to add a couple of Koi waterbrushes in the tin, but because the paints seem a bit "dryer" I think a real brush and water container will work better with these paints. They seemed to take _Forever_ to dry in the pans but that might be due to our humidity.

I had a couple of Ice Chips tins, which are already white inside, so I removed the lid from one to friction-fit on the bottom of the other one, giving added mixing space. Pans are secured with a dab of rubber cement. The 6 small tubes came in this huge tin which is too large to be a useful palette; I will probably just use it to store stuff.

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