05 November 2016

appreciating our police force

After posting daily for Inktober, I'm being rather slow and lazy about posting the rest of our trip to Fredericksburg sketches. They will eventually show up here . . . But for now, this is what I drew last night while waiting for our meal to arrive.

Although Bill and I officially live in Brenham, we are actually much closer in distance to the small lake community of Somerville (once jokingly called "Some-other-ville" by a friend of ours). That's where our church family meets at Jubilee Christian Center. 

Last night our church invited the local law enforcement members and their families to have dinner on us at the local Mexican restaurant, just to show our appreciation of the difficult and dangerous jobs they perform in service to the community. Everyone who was able to come enjoyed meeting the policemen and eating together. Instead of eating 'too many' tortilla chips, I drew what was in front of me.


  1. Good for your Church sponsoring an event like this. I do know about those chips!

  2. The officers are a great bunch of people and we enjoyed spending time with them! I'm glad our pastor thought of it.

  3. Thank you for sharing both your art and your heart. I recently found your blog and have really been enjoying it. Blessings to you.

  4. Thank you for your encouraging words, Laura. Much appreciated!


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