14 November 2016

buildings, mice, and a lovely morning

We managed to walk the whole downtown of Fredericksburg several times, including a side street, admiring so many old buildings. I took photos rather than sketch on site since Bill is not a sketcher --- I didn't want to make him wait and we _were_ interested in getting the exercise. These are some of my favorite houses (plus one garage / carriage house). There were so many more downtown buildings I wanted to draw! This town really built them well, maintaining and repurposing them through the years instead of tearing down to make way for new.

We had an invasion of mice at church yesterday . . . of the chocolate-cherry-Hershey-kiss-almond slice species. Ms. B.J. has been playing with her food again and the kids loved them.

And this is my view as I edit and post these photos this morning. Not as many roses in bloom as we have recently had, but a lovely, sunny 59 degrees.


  1. What a lovely place to spend time with friends or drawing...

  2. Do you mean our patio shown in the photo? It is a lovely, peaceful place . . . after the high humidity of mid-summer goes away. Dragonfly swarms eat the area mosquitos but I sometimes get chigger bites on the patio --- not bad enough to chase me inside.

    The plants under the crepe myrtle tree were eaten by deer; armadillos or deer severely damaged the rose plants until we learned to keep a string of wee fairy lights on at night. They avoid the lit-up area.


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