30 November 2016

more of Reece's & cohorts

This is just a few weeks after Reece's was rescued. She was still under 2 lbs. and had to be isolated from other family pets, being too small for flea and worming treatments or shots. She lived in an upstairs bathroom.

A week later, Bill needed to replace a faucet in that bathroom so I "kitten-sat" with her in the library. She insisted on trying to climb up my back -- Mikala later told me the wee thing loves sitting on her shoulder as she does her homework. As I tried to maneuver getting her litter box back into the bathroom when Bill was done, she escaped and ran straight down the hall to where Pumpkin (a large Maine Coon) was sitting at the top of the stairs minding his own business. She reared up like a grizzly bear and growled at him . . . and he ran away!

Mikala's two Maine Coon cats are baffled over the kitten's antics. Here they are, Mocha and Pumpkin, watching her at play. They don't seem to understand Bradley, the golden-Pyrenes mix, either; perhaps that's why he and Reece's have bonded together in friendship.

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