28 September 2016

randomness, in search of autumn

On the left side of this spread, I continued to play with my Sailor Fude de Mannen pen. It is amazingly easy to switch from the broad strokes of the bent nib to comfortably writing with a very fine line. The ink is the water-soluble cartridge that came with the pen. As soon as it is empty, I will refill it using a syringe with a water-resistant ink.

Autumn arrived here on a day still in the 90s. The common trees in our woods are a variety of oaks, pines, and cedar. Even some of the oaks are 'evergreen' so we don't see much autumn color. But I found a bit of color during a recent walk.


  1. I received a fountain pen as a gift and it also came with water soluble ink. What kind of syringe do you use to replace the ink? Can you get them at a pharmacy? Your leaves are gorgeous!!

  2. I got my first syringe from my dental hygienist for free (and wore it out). You can buy two for $5 at gouletpens.com or possibly find them on Amazon.

  3. Your autumn leaves are always so beautiful, Vicky!

  4. Thanks, Jana! They are a bit hard to find here but worth the search.


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