22 September 2016

more Epsilon testing

My new Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbook has a smooth plate surface and is designed primarily for pen & ink or pencil. But I decided to test really soppy-wet wet-in-wet watercolor on a page to see what happens. Then I thought, why not see how masking tape and liquid masking fluid work as well? Water literally floated on the surface as I dropped in a few granulating watercolors and let them move around.

As you can see, it did remarkably well! After the paper dried, there was very little warping. The masking tape pulled up without any damage to the page's edge. Even the liquid mask _would_ have worked . . . I thought it was completely dry (the surface felt dry), but apparently there was one spot the under layer was still damp enough that rubbing the mask off tore the paper.

I was using this older set of granulating earth colors that I put together a few years ago. These colors just sing to me "Autumn!"

Later at church, I was fiddling around on the back of this page with several fountain pens. The extreme wet treatment of the painted side did not effect the back side's paper at all!

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