08 September 2016

practicing faces & this journal's end

One area of sketching that is pretty weak for me is capturing a person's likeness. Drawing faces in general is a challenge, and the chance that they will actually look like the person is very slim. So on this last toned page of this journal, I tried to draw from a photo I found online . . . and, no, it does not look like the person in the photo.

I would love to be able to capture my family members or friends in the light, seemingly effortless manner I see some of my artist friends sketching in. (Cathy Johnson comes to mind!) Why is it so hard for me? I know I tend to "niggle" it too much, but the likeness-thing always alludes me.

The inside cover's end papers were blank when I began this journal, except for the white strip with my palette choices. Bit by bit, as I work my way through a book, I add random quotes, this time in white gel pen since the paper was so dark. (That Field Notes book is covering my personal contact info in case the book is lost.)

And here is the back end paper --- the stickers are identifying the toned papers I included among the regular pages of Fabriano Artistico CP paper I used to make this book. I tested a limited palette and some inks on the white strip.


  1. It's a nice moment when I go to see your blog... Love the quotes about sketching... Thanks for sharing, Vicky :)

    1. And thank you for your encouraging comments, Jana!

  2. Vicky, I always enjoy your end-of-journal / new journal posts. I remember talking with you about your selection of Potter's Pink for your earth red, but I can't find that post. Forgive me if I asked this then, but how have you liked working with it? Are you planning on keeping it in your palette? I just bought some Blue Apatite, but for right now, I still have Indanthrone as my dark blue. Both are nice though.

  3. I still LOVE potter's pink --- which is funny since I don't like the color pink as a rule. Whenever it is not included in a palette, it is only because I didn't have enough space for it. For the flesh tone in the above sketch, I used buff titanium and burnt sienna. But potter's pink can very easily be tweaked into lovely flesh tones as well. And I love it's earthy tone and granulation.
    My favorite earth reds, I think, would be to carry both potter's pink and perylene maroon, though I am also trying Jane Blundell's choice of Indian red. I also can't decide between cerulean blue or indanthrone blue as my earth blue. Jane told me to try blue apatite and it's lovely as well!
    Too many wonderful choices!


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