15 September 2016

new toys

I received two new sketching toys, so of course I had to draw them! 

Bill's cousins, Mike and Georgie, came for a visit last week from Missouri. Mike makes gorgeous wood pen and pencil sets on a small lathe --- he gave me this mechanical pencil made of birdseye  maple. It feels wonderfully sleek and light in my hand!

Then I received a Sailor fude de Mannen calligraphy pen. Someone on Facebook posted about it and I was wanting to try it out. Like my Hero M86, it has a bent nib. I compared the two a bit on this page; the Sailor fude is much easier to manipulate in my hand and the ink feed is a bit smoother. Right now it is loaded with the water-soluble ink cartridge it came with --- rather than find a converter, I plan on using this cartridge up, then filling it with water-resistant ink using a syringe.


  1. Nice! I have one of the more expensive Sailors, which is lovely except the feed drags on the page and the low/broad angle...

  2. This Sailor was only $12 -- I can't really afford the pricey ones. Very light-weight, especially compared to the Hero (which still makes me grin with it looking like a short squat chinaman! Also reminds me of sketching at the old Odd Fellows Lodge, where you gave it to me. You spoiled me, didn't you?) The nib's angle is the same on both pens.

  3. Nice sketch Vicky. What sketchbook do you use?

  4. Oh! LOL! Just found out in the next post. :)

  5. LOL! Now you sound like me.

    As much as I enjoy binding my own books, Stillman & Birn sketchbooks are of an amazing quality!


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