29 August 2016

Sunday's sketches

For some reason, I did a bit more sketching yesterday than usual. The above drawing is from a shrub I found in Georgetown, TX where our second eldest son works. I have no idea what it is, but the bright green branches were covered with these strange pods. I didn't have time to draw it on the spot so I took a photo to draw from later.

During the morning's service, I drew a friend's briefcase as I listened.

Then, because it was the last Sunday of the month, we got together in the evening for "snack & yack" and a movie. Ms. B.J. again created some clever snacks for the kids: palm trees made of kiwi fruit, a half-banana, and orange slices, arranged on small plates.

UPDATE: Thanks to John Earl Gray on Facebook, the unknown shrub in the first sketch has been identified as mountain laurel. I have seen them in full bloom in Austin but had never seen them in the pre-flower stage before.


  1. Nice thoughts, Vicky. And love the shrub sketch!

  2. The actual shrub is quite large and the pods so unusual. I posted this on Facebook and a contact there was able to identify the shrub from my sketch: it is a mountain laurel and the pods open to very lovely purple flower clusters! I had seen mountain laurels in full bloom in the Austin, TX area but never in this pre-flowering stage before.

  3. I found it on internet: Kalmia latifolia. It looks interesting with lovely big flowers, and the seeds can be used for making bracelets or necklaces!
    It doesn't grow in my country... But we have something with similar seeds - European Bladdernut or staphylea pinnata, very similar leaves as well... maybe it is from a similar botanical family...

  4. I just updated this blog entry with photos from Facebook. Gorgeous plant!


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