30 August 2016

some stained glass

My Pentel Pocketbrush was out of ink. In fact, even though it was still able to make some faint gray marks it was so dry that it took a lot of use to get the new cartridge of ink flowing. To get the ink flowing smoothly, I drew this bit of stained glass from a googled photo -- Bill and I have always loved these patterns from the Arts & Crafts era of design.

The subject seemed to fit along with the book quotes I had previously written on the page, from a historic fiction book I recently read.

LOL -- I just realized that I made an error in the quote written on the page. The second quote was "Fear sees the storm, faith sees God IN the storm", not "God is the storm"!


  1. Nice thoughts from that book, Vicky. And I love the stained glass effects in your sketch. Beautifully done!


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