10 August 2016

becoming a bag lady

I have always preferred small purses or bags. Maybe because I have narrow shoulders that bag straps slip off of easily; maybe because I've always been fascinated with small things.

Whatever handcraft I have taken up, I eventually tried it smaller. Simple cross stitch was worked over a single thread instead of a square-gridded Aida cloth. Working with beads evolved into threading tiny seed beads onto thread and knitting it into necklaces and wee bags, some tiny enough to become delicate necklaces. I have hand-bound a sketchbook measuring a mere 2".

So why do I find myself suddenly carrying such a big bag? My new sunglasses, while offering maximum protection to my eyes, are designed in such a way that they need a large-sized case. Which is too large to fit in my small bags.

Still not sure I want to carry such a big bag, but at least it's what works in this 100-degree summer brightness. And a sketchbook of any size easily fits.


  1. I agree about preferring small bags. And I share your love for anything small. I have a small handbag that I use on a daily basis, but it does not have room for my sketching equipment. Soooo.. that means another bag for sketching. Not sure if that is better or not. It is easier to leave the sketch bag home, but the weight is easier on the shoulders. Love your sketches. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I usually have a tiny (again with the love of small things!) sketchbook in even the smallest of bags --- currently, a brightly colored Field Notes memo book. With a fountain pen, I'm ready to sketch if I find time and inspiration.

    A larger sketching supply bag is loaded and ready to go, but I seldom grab it. It's more for taking on dedicated sketching days, like the sketchcrawls I used to go on every month when we lived in Kansas. Sadly, I have not found anyone close to our new home to sketch with. The nearest active group is in Fort Worth, too far for a day trip.


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