21 August 2016

rock play

I felt like painting some rocks . . . and just happened to have a photo taken by our son-in-law Michael during their last trip to California. I miss the Pacific Ocean! We lived in San Diego when we first got married and had some lovely times there.

My home internet "died" last week, so I am down to only my iPhone for posting this. Over the phone, the company determined that the connection is misaligned and a tech guy will be out tomorrow to fix it. The independent seller who hooked up both our satellite TV and the internet possible did it wrong two years ago --- it has never worked as promised from the start. We can't stream shows (twice as much buffering as program, every couple of minutes) and it went out every time it rained. Very slow also. The company was apologetic and worked it out --- they are even upgrading my service (and speed) to a much higher level at no added cost.

Good thing, as my options out here in the country among all these lovely trees is very limited.  I'm thankful that my phone has unlimited internet. Today, so much of normal daily life is done online.


  1. Hi, Vicky! Your rock is wonderful and the ocean beautiful... how good that your phone internet works... I missed a lot of things after I had moved... but, new places - new challenges...Have a nice day with lots of nice people! Blessings to you!

  2. How far was your move, Jana? Was this recently? Moving always brings interesting changes -- most of ours have been for the better. Life here in Texas is so much nicer than it was in Kansas!
    Our home internet is now working so hopefully no more trouble.

    1. I moved when I got married, more then 30 years ago, only about 130 km, not so far, but I moved from big town to the countryside, small village... For about 10 years I always answered the question: "Where are you from?" - I am from my hometown but I live here :)
      While our children were little, we couldn't travel at all, had no car, paper diapers were unknown ... My husband left on Monday to his work and arrived on Friday... I missed my family and friends... no internet! It waited to be discovered:)
      During 7 years I had 4 children, and then the 5th one... It was not easy, but now I smile when I recall those times... I found my life nice, in the country... Now my children are all over Europe and I started traveling to see them... It's fun sometimes... The life in the country is closer to nature, and is not so fast... and people live naturally with God...

    2. It seems that you and I share some experiences. Bill and I met in a large city in Kansas, but we moved around a bit when we were first married (he was in the Navy). Later we settled in a small town in Kansas where we raised our 4 children. Money was tight then -- I used cloth diapers as well!
      As adults, our children all ended up in Texas, so eventually this is where the Lord has brought us. Most of them live in huge cities, but we are very thankful to be living here in the country! It is so quiet and peaceful here. Life is much more simple, yet we are now close enough to our children and grandchildren to share in their lives --- something not as easy when we lived in Kansas. I'm not sure how far it is in km. but it's about 600 miles, without the convenience of mass transit such as trains, and airplanes are too expensive. We used to drive about 10 hours to visit; now we are only an hour or so away from most of them.

    3. Nice to meet you, Vicky, from across the world :)

    4. I'm so glad to know you a bit better! We may not meet in person here on earth but I definitely will seek you out in Heaven!


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