17 August 2016

a milestone for Jeff

Last Saturday our  youngest son, Jeff, graduated from Stephen F. Austin University. It's been a long struggle and we are very proud of him!

He spent 6 years in the Navy to pay for college, yet every semester the GI bill's college funds were decreased a bit more. Jeff had to fight for every bit of the money he earned by giving 6 years in service to his country, and ended up having to take out loans as well.

Jeff's major is in science / geology and his minor is in computer. At the time he went into geology, there were lots of jobs available in the field, both in the oil industry and mining. But with the recent drop in oil prices, jobs are no longer out there. So he is hoping to find employment in the area and go for his master's degree. Nacogdoches is a small town, so he might have to look to towns further away.

I planned on drawing Jeff's special stole and cord from a photo during the drive home but the country roads were way too rough --- especially with all the road construction through Davy Crockett Forest! This two-lane highway had sections where all pavement was removed and we drove on crushed gravel! So I drew this after coming home. As the above photo shows, I had by then already jotted down some verses from church on Sunday, though I have not yet drawn anything on that page.

The local Veteran's Administration group in Nacogdoches paid for Jeff's stole and cord, a special design worn only by veterans. Jeff was the only veteran in this large graduation ceremony. He had a bit of trouble crossing the stage; every person up there wanted to shake his hand!


  1. Love the cloth-like texture in your sketch, Vicky! And what a nice story. I hope it has the happiest of endings for Jeff and he finds a job he loves.

  2. Thanks, Susan! We are hoping and praying for an open door. He's had a tough time of it.

  3. Hi, Vicky,
    haven't been here for some time, it is nice to have such a son! Congrats! ... Anyhow, seems young people have hard time to find a job everywhere...Wish you God's help...

  4. Jeff has had lots of challenges, through the normal school years, six years in the Navy, and now college. It seems as if he always takes the most difficult paths, often through choices he's made or through wrong attitudes. We appreciate any and all prayers for him -- I know God has a good plan for Jeff, if only Jeff would learn to rely on Him. Thank you, dear friend!


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