22 June 2016

recent sketches

I have been sketching at least every other day, but errand-running and grandkid distractions have kept me from posting anything.

Yesterday Bill brought in our first fig . . . in this our third summer here! Deer kept eating previous fruit from the peach and fig trees, eventually killing the peach tree. This is the first fruit that actually ripened.

We've never tasted figs before (other than Fig Newtons). Not sure what you do with them.

Maria Coryell-Martin has upgraded her popular pocket palette and I got one with a discount she offered to previous customers. Now there are side walls to keep juicier mixes from dripping off the side and paints in the lower corners are no longer blocked.

I filled this one with larger pans of a bright limited palette plus burnt sienna, then filled in the rest of the spaces with some convenience colors in smaller pans.

This sketch was from a recent trip to the Brenham Courthouse to pay truck tag & taxes. The lamp, like the building is Art Nouveau. I will eventually get around to adding some color . . .

The Dr. Seuss quote was jotted down on the page before I decided what to draw. I read it in a fiction book I finished recently and liked it.

I sketched a scene of the Pacific ocean from a photo taken by our son-in-law last year --- by mistake, I grabbed a pen with water-soluble ink. So when I added what was supposed to be light, bright watercolor, the black ink bled into it, making a mess of the whole thing. Oh, well . . .


  1. Funny how we learn from our mistakes! hello from Calgary, Vicky! I love you blog, and also I think your Pacific scene is fantastic just the way it is. :)

    1. Hello, Youanna from Calgary! The very best lessons I've learned have been from mistakes. Some of them unbelievably stupid mistakes -- thank God for grace!
      I really liked the basic sketch of the Pacific, but had a completely different outcome in mind. Wasn't sure I'd even post it, but I'd like this blog to be "honest", warts and all!

  2. I've just found your blog, it is wonderful. As for figs, they're wonderful to roast with chicken and balsamic vinegar. Or just eat plain :)

    1. Welcome, Elle! Glad you commented. Using figs in a chicken dish sounds yummy! I have a great balsamic vinegar -- need to try it. Thanks!


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