15 September 2015

this morning's walk

I look down a lot while walking the circle where we live. The road is paved with very uneven rocks of all sizes ___easy to trip on___ fire ants move their hills often, and we sometimes see snakes, including the very venomous coral snake. Just last week, one measly fire ant bite and I was loopy for two days with oral and topical antihistamines for the burning itch.

This morning I decided to pick up random objects as I walked to draw later at home. A few rocks and oak leaves, the outer shell of a pecan, a weird chunk of wood, a torn bit of a baseball ___a very sweet German Shepherd seems to enjoy destroying balls___, even a discarded adapter and 12 cents!


  1. This is like an archaeological dig yet in plain sight! Nice approach. Good mix of nature, low tech and high tech. You could even go so far as to say this is a sampling of man's existence in a natural world. Maybe even toss them down randomly and read them like tea leaves (ok, maybe that takes it too far).

  2. You know, I hadn't even noticed the contrast of the objects. What deep philosophical thoughts you are having!
    Think I'll go have a cup of tea . . .


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