28 September 2015

no blood moon for us

Last night there was an extremely close "blood moon" event and the best viewing in our area was to coincide with our leaving snacks & movie night at our church. Unfortunately, clouds hid all but the faintest moonlight during the actual eclipse. I painted a facsimile of the moon early this morning since I didn't see the real thing.

Sometimes I don't draw anything at all as I listen in at church, but yesterday I found myself sketching during both Sunday school's discussion about blood moons in prophecy and during the later church service.


  1. You have captured the Moon beautifully! I have seen it this morning, it was really amazing!

  2. For not seeing it, you sure recreated it very well! That's the glow it had.

  3. I found a photo online to know what it was supposed to look like. Disappointed that I missed the real thing. A friend from church lives about 30 miles north of us --- she showed me pictures of what they could see and it looked just like this, only much smaller than expected.

  4. I saw the Moon early morning when I went to the store. It was near the horizon and it was larger than I expected! Your painting is very similar to it! Just there was a shade in a corner.


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