26 September 2015

some family dogs in gouache

I love Roz Stendahl's dog portraits painted in gouache. They are so full of life and energy! So I tried something similar using photos of some of our kid's dogs. 

Still a bit tight and I just can't seem to break out of predictable colors -- Roz's color choices are exuberant and lively! But I've learned before that my own personality (or style) will always break through. It's just my personal "signature".

As long as I was experimenting with others' styles, I switched out the paints in a vintage Prang set to a limited palette as recently posted by Cathy Johnson on Facebook. Only she had 3 primaries and 2 convenience colors; I added 2 more convenience colors. Always have to niggle it a bit!

The pocket palette is a bright & earthy primaries set I made out of a metal note pad, using a magnet and metal pans from Expeditionary Art. I drew it on the page just to compare with the Prang box.


  1. Looks DELICIOUS. And is that a beagle I see? Love your doggies!

    1. Peaches is part beagle, though mostly looks like his basset side --- built very low to the ground with heavy paws and longish floppy ears.


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