19 September 2015

duck tape shoes

Bill has been working hard on a remodeling project for our church. His helper in the work is a whirlwind powerhouse in a small package, our pastor's wife Ms. BJ. She loves to "doodle", as she calls it, especially if there are power tools involved. One of the hardest-working helpers Bill has ever worked with!

So hard at work, it seems, that she hasn't taken time to shop for replacement work shoes . . . She just keeps replacing the duct tape holding them together. Last week Bill's old work shoes finally fell apart --- and he went out and bought new ones. Hint, hint, Ms. BJ?


  1. Maybe she doesn't have the money for shoes right now? Duct tape works miracles at times though! Cute post.

  2. Oh, she can afford new ones. We all laugh with her about them. Also about the creative ways she comes up with to hold her work jeans up (without belts or suspenders) -- such as plastic ties! She's lost a lot of weight recently and simply doesn't want to take time to shop.


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