10 September 2015

an Amish quilt

My mother quilts. Not just to use as a bedspread but her use of colors and patterns make them works of art.

I have always enjoyed various needle crafts, especially knitting and embroidery. I even used to sew my own clothes. But I HATE quilting as an activity! It just feels tedious.

Drawing quilt patterns can be fun though. The above "doodle" was inspired by a book I read recently titled "The Choice". Some of my favorite lines, I jotted on the left page -- things I'd like to remember. 

The first one was from a conversation on why there was a "mistake" in a quilt, how it was an intentional mark of humility. But I later looked up info regarding this practice only to find that it is a total myth.


  1. Interesting! I have a couple quilts that have been handed down to me from a grandmother and a great-grandmother and was always told that story about intentional mistakes. Now I'll have to Google it too. I'm curious to know where it came from!

  2. Even though all sources I found on line say the humility patch is a myth, I like to believe that somewhere in the past there was a seed of truth to it. There usually is in what becomes myth.


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