31 July 2013

updated Bijou box

new color chart in sketchbook based on David Barker's limited travel palette
Several years ago, there was an article in Artist's Sketchbook magazine on artist David Barker's limited palette and how he used it in his travel sketchbooks. What really caught my attention was that he first used only ultramarine blue and burnt umber to establish values and temperatures in his sketches, then added color only as needed.
the original color chart and my Bijou box

 At the time, I worked out his chosen colors in a color chart. Recently, I found the chart while cleaning out old art supplies. I decided to try a similar limited palette in my Bijou box, substituting a quinacridone version of alizarin crimson, goethite brown ochre for raw umber, and quinacridone burnt orange for burnt sienna. I don't usually use yellow ochre or aureolin anymore -- these are leftover pans. When they are empty, they will probably be replaced with quinacridone gold and Hansa yellow medium.


  1. I like the colors, that can be created by mixing. They suit together in harmony.

  2. I was surprised by the variety of color from these few pigments!


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