14 July 2013

a bit more from Texas

Mikala kept a busy schedule during my time with her in June. Junior golf, volleyball workshop, piano lessons & practice, Vacation Bible School . . . .

I did this quick sketch of the entrance to Jersey Meadows Golf Course while waiting to pick her up one morning. The white crepe myrtle were in bloom --- Amazing that what normally grows as shrubs in Kansas become huge trees in the Texas climate. I have seen some that reached 3 stories high.

Kristen and Michael made it home from Scotland, via a layover in Germany, bearing gifts. Among them were several rocks, coins, some blue shells, and a stuffed sheep for Mikala --- she shared some of the first two with me. This large striped rock is from the Black Isle, and the smaller blue-gray one is from Loch Ness. They stayed with friends in a house overlooking Loch Ness --- gorgeous views right from their own front door!

I was given this hand-loomed Harris Tweed bag and a silver brooch with a red heather-gem set in it. Heather gems are made from the stems of the heather plants --- quite a fascinating craft! For my birthday, Bill wants to buy me a tartan stole to wear that I can pin with the brooch. Still wondering what tartan to choose. The Williamson's were typically associated with the Gunn clan, but there are several other patterns we like as well.


  1. Hi Vicky,
    awesome presents, nice sketches, and the texture of tweed is perfect!
    And heather-gems - I´ve never heard about it. It looks interesting! Like the shape as well. I´ve got a red tartan scarf, love it!

  2. I heard of Heather gems years ago and have purchased a couple of pieces. Then we saw how they are made on some TV program and I was amazed!

    Gotta love a good tartan --- I truly think my favorite "color" to wear is PLAID!

  3. Amazing... your work is so precise, it's just like photography! Wonderful memories :)

  4. Really? I thought it looked more like simple illustrations.

    Sort of funny how we artists picture in our heads how we want something to turn out, yet we seem unable to escape from our own established personal style.


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