23 July 2013

20 July Sketchcrawl

This month, our sketchcrawl group met at Kansas City's Union Station --- busy place with a traveling Pirate exhibit from National Geographic, a local art exhibit, all the regular points of interest, and those actually traveling by train. We met under this huge clock, then dispersed in various directions to sketch.

Bill and I drove about 3 hours to get there, taking our youngest son, Jeff, with us --- he has been on summer break from college in Texas. On the way, we stopped for cups of coffee or tea.

I had my ceramic travel mug with me just in case -- love all things plaid! This one is made to look like a paper cup and has a silicone band and lid.

It was so crowded and noisy in the station, I eventually wondered into an old waiting room where several people were waiting for their trains. A much calmer room with these lovely antique lamps --- I wanted to also draw one of the antique benches but ran out of time. We had reservations to eat at the Harvey House, located right in the station.


  1. Wow... that's a LONG trip for the sketch crawl... very dedicated of you. Love your sketches. What did your son and husband do while you sketched? I'm always curious how non-art spouses deal with us journal keepers drawing and messing about with paint. It must be so boring for them.

  2. That's how far we always go . . . though this time was closer to 2 1/2 hours, K.C. being closer than Excelsior Springs. I could never get any art pals closer to home interested in sketching together, so I drive to Missouri to join Kate.
    Typically, my husband takes a book to read (often Joseph does the same, though this time he sketched). If he can't concentrate enough to read, he wanders around the area, enjoying time away from work and stress. And he always enjoys our all getting together after sketching for a light meal and sharing our sketchbooks.
    When we move to Texas in the future, I'll be a bit lost without my sketch-buddy times. I'll especially miss Kate. So I try to make it to sketch crawls with her as much as possible now.

  3. Hi, Vicky,
    I like the sketch of ceiling. It´s interesting.
    Love sharing sketchbooks - at least with my school children :)
    Best wishes!

    1. After all the crowds of people in the Station, it was very restful to sketch in this waiting room -- the ceiling and woodwork were beautiful in person, as well as those elegant lights!


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