15 January 2013

one final bit of Christmas

Opening gifts and a new gift to myself --- I used a Christmas bonus check to buy an empty 16-half pan palette and altered it to hold full pans also. I could not afford Winsor & Newton's version, but found the same palette for sale empty at Kremer's (oddly, it's no longer on their web site).

Mikala and Jayna were laughing at Kristen not having any gifts in the above sketch --- but later, she received hers . . . in a box too big for Jayna to lift.

I still may make a few changes to the pans in this palette --- like a whole pan of perylene maroon and a half-pan of potter's pink. And maybe eliminate either cobalt blue dark or ultramarine, to make room for a whole pan of dark blue indigo.

Perylene maroon, dark blue indigo, and Monte Amiata natural sienna make the loveliest muted primary set!


  1. Great illustrations... funny, but in my work, color seems to be my greatest challenge. I'll draw something, detail it all up, love it, and then add color, and it isn't as great afterwards. I'm assuming I just need to learn more.

    What kind of pen do you ink with? I've heard the Micron is great... as it is waterproof.

  2. I have trouble making changes to the colors --- mostly I paint sketches with the actual colors from life. I'd like to break free of that and add color more imaginatively. But we just start from where we are and move forward . . .

    I first started out using the Microns because they are waterproof and easily found in Wichita (no art supply shops). Later, from on-line recommendations, I started using Lamy Safari fountain pens. VERY sturdy and easy, not requiring much tinkering! I fill them with Noodler's inks --- polar black, Lexington gray, and polar brown seem to be waterproof on most papers, though sometimes I have to give it a moment to dry fully on some papers.

    The palette sketch was done using a Hero M 86 fountain pen with bent nib that a friend gave me. It lays the ink down a bit wetter, so I had to allow extra drying time on this hot-press Fabriano paper.

  3. i have a kremer palette too. wonderful sketches as always!

    1. This seems like the perfect size for me -- holds plenty of whole-size pans, lots of mixing area, yet fits in my palm.

      I had my husband remove the side plates that held half-pans in place -- attaching pans with rubber cement seems to work better without that layer and it lightens the weight.


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