16 January 2013


I've neglected my sketchbook of late . . . . too many other things requiring attention.

The end of the year means closing out books for our church, where I am treasurer / secretary, and preparing tax forms and giving receipts. I've been keeping our records on a Quicken program that is long out-of-date --- time to update to a new version and set up the categories again, tweaking small changes here and there.

My printer has been troublesome as well, being at least 10 years old. I bought a new one, capable of wireless printing, but haven't had time to set it up yet.

Two grandchildren have birthdays at the end of January; one of them will turn 7 and I make a hand-made mohair teddy bear for each one of them upon turning 7 (I used to be a teddy bear artist), one with antique shoebutton eyes that is more of a collectable friend than a toy, though they are very sturdy for play also.

Other life-distractions: doctor's appointments, re-potting plants in dire need, knitting clothes for the above bear . . . . so why in the world did I start reading The Outlander book series?


  1. LOL, I can really relate to lack of time and way too much to do. I appease the need by trying to fit in a bit of art each day. Some days I actually succeed!

  2. I'm sure you can truly relate with your sweet children filling your days! I miss having children at home.

  3. They grow way, way too fast...


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