22 January 2013

Jayna's birthday bear

In a hurry to sketch this before posting it to Texas, I grabbed a pen with red-black ink. I knew it would bleed some . . . but didn't think how it would turn a pale gold bear into a pinkish one. Oops!

Finished just in time to post it UPS to Jayna, along with a birthday gift for her brother Josiah. Their birthdays are this Monday and Tuesday. Hard to believe it's been 3 years since I spent a few months as "granny nanny" to both of them when Josiah was born! That's when I was sewing a bear for their cousin Mikala's 7th birthday. Jayna watched me, wanting one herself, so I promised her a bear when she turned 7.

These fully jointed bears are of imported mohair with antique shoe button eyes, like I used to make and sell in the 1980s. A sketch of this one in-process can be seen in my blog post of 16 January.


  1. I looked at the sketch before I read your post, and I thought "What a beautiful choice for shading!" It appears more purple than pink in my screen, but I really LOVE it :)

    I was in Michaels today and they had a Kirk Franklin song on the speakers!!!

  2. Normally I love sketching with "bleeding" inks for the subtle effects when the ink mixes with watercolor. And pinkish-purple is good -- Jayna's favorite two colors! This red-black ink usually looks a bit like dark sepia in sketches so this really surprised me.

    Part of my choosing Hobby Lobby is the praise music they play. I guess I'll need to go visit Michael's to give a listen too!

  3. I don't think they have any Hobby Lobby's on Long Island, but I'll check :)


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