18 January 2013

a weighty matter

I arrived for my physical therapy appointment earlier than Dane was ready for me, so I began sketching the weights hanging on the wall. Then finished them later at home.

This time, the therapy is to strengthen my back, not for leg pain. A second opinion found that a facet cyst in my spine was the cause of the leg pain. Injection treatments seem to have solved the problem, but my doctor wants me to have some therapy just to get stronger.

Following the appointment, I bought a box of "Cuties" oranges. When I took one to eat, there was a wee sticker on it . . . so I stuck it to the page.


  1. I bought a box of those Cuties recently myself! They are quite addicting :) Hrm... I've an appointment on Tuesday with my Dr., but I rarely have enough time to even make a skeleton sketch, let alone flesh it out. Perhaps I'll try again. Did the therapy hurt?

  2. Mmmm! Cuties! Very addictive and even good for us.

    I've never had time to sketch anything in the workout room before, but Dane was running a bit late. I only got a very loose half-sketch in light red pencil before he arrived . . . . then half-way through the moves, he told me to rest my body a few minutes. Enough time to finish the pencil sketch, which I inked in and painted at home.

    Praying for a good outcome for your appointment Tuesday!

  3. Our neighbors gave us some of the Cuties. wow. they are not only good but very fragrant too. Glad the injection helped. Hope the therapy helps even more. I have back and leg problems too so understand the pain. Great use of time to draw the weights.. did you take a photo to use to finish them off at home or just from memory? I think I would rather draw them then use them. LOL

  4. I finished them from memory at home -- no photos -- but I had made very light notations in pencil of the order of colors which I later erased.

  5. If I had been able to paint them on site, I would have remembered the highlights! Wish I had notated that!


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