29 January 2013

church notes and sketches . . .

. . . and a visit from our missionary and good friend, Penny Dugan, founder of New Jerusalem Missions. She loves pink --- hence the pink drink container. Someone once told her that he saw an angel going with her as she worked in Africa . . . and that the angel was pink! BTW, scriptwriters in California are currently putting together plans for a movie about Penny.

Her bag confused me as it sat on the floor behind someone else's leg. Seemed to have too many handles --- afterwards, Penny showed me that there are actually 5 handles!, two of which she keeps tucked away in those large side pockets.


  1. Missionaries are fantastic. My church is World Outreach Church of God, and reaching out is very important. I'm reading Cathy Johnson's book now!

  2. Reaching out to help others who can not repay seems to make us truly "human", doesn't it? Imitating what we see the Father doing.

    Our church is a tiny non-denominational church meeting in an old plumbing shop office -- but we are able to set aside a good percentage to give to several missions and are thankful to be able to help a bit.

    Which of Cathy / Kate's books are you reading?

  3. I agree. Helping others is a vital way to show God's love.

    I am reading "Artist's Journal Workshop." :) and really enjoying it. LOL, I didn't realize you were IN the bokk, but as soon as I saw your art, I knew it had to be you :D


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