17 September 2012

sketchcrawl, 15 Sept.

On Saturday, Bill and I drove to Liberty, MO for a sketchcrawl with Kate & Joseph. No one else of the "usual gang" were able to make it this time. We met at the Belvoir Winery housed in old buildings originally home to the Odd Fellows Lodge. Lots of interesting artifacts and photos are on display from the lodge days . . . including the skeleton of George, an early lodge member, in his glass-topped coffin!

I did not get very much down on paper --- there's just so much to draw in this place, it is hard to focus on one thing. We definitely need to return to sketch more. The cup of tea and turnpike ticket were drawn during the 3-hour drive from home in Kansas. (A bit wonky in perspective).

Here, Kate is sketching one of the old buildings that is still in a state of decay and neglect, while sitting on what used to be a twin chaise lounge. Bill doesn't sketch, but he enjoys getting far away from the hassles of work (where they like to call him even on his days off). He brings a book to read and finds places to relax.

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