28 September 2012

random sketching this week

Sometimes drawing directly in ink works; sometimes not so well. The small planter of grasses and a corner of the clinic's waiting room were drawn directly in ink without a problem.

The sketch of my old sewing cabinet began well . . . . until I started on the iron support structure. I tried drawing it in single wide lines with my Hero M86 pen --- as I proceeded, I saw how truly wonky it looks!

I remember sewing at this cabinet as a young girl. It held my mother's machine then and was hidden under layers of ugly brown paint. When she gave it to me, we stripped off the paint and found it to be solid oak with carved designs, without the veneers that so many of these cabinets have.

I'm trying to get rid of things no longer needed or used, so I'm giving this to one of our renters -- a sweet college girl who loves vintage furnishings. I know she will cherish it. (I kept my machine but use it so seldom, it can live in it's portable case in the closet.)

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