08 September 2012

altered Winsor & Newton field box

Flickr pals, Julie, Kate, and Fred have been discussing changes to this little watercolor box:


Mine came with a leaky water bottle so I decided to take the plunge and alter it. But I did not wish to lose that extra mixing space --- so I cut the top of the bottle off and simply inserted a few pencils and a tiny bristle brush. It still fits in place to provide the third mixing area and there's also space for an eraser.

The center bar that held 4 half pans was removed, as well as the plastic tab that held it in place. Now I can choose whether to insert 8 large pans, as shown, or up to 18 half pans as Julie did.


  1. Interesting mod. How awful to get a leaking bottle! You could probably have fixed the leak with superglue or possibly by melting a drop of plastic bottle cap onto the hole, like heat glue (or just use a heat glue gun, of course!).

  2. I tried both superglue and a hot glue gun; neither would stick to the plastic.

  3. I should have suggested returning it for replacement or writing to W&N, they'd probably send a new bottle. Surprised superglue didn't work, I use it to fix punctures on my dive float. When all other glues fail, I use cheap 2 part epoxy resin or 2 part epoxy putty - toxic but effective. But I dare say you have an alternative water container, the kit bottle is pretty small. I usually carry a small drinking water bottle - handy for drinking too :)

  4. I didn't return the leaky bottle because I bought it very cheaply on eBay. Didn't think of contacting Winsor & Newton -- I should have tried that! But it's better to have a larger source of water, especially if you can drink it as well!


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