05 September 2012

EDM #270 - something I'd like to preserve

I miss my great-aunt Lucile a lot. She was my pen pal when I was growing up, and always did such interesting crafts. And she grew the most amazing strawberries, to make the BEST preserves ever!

Aunt Lucile was the crafter and family history buff -- she traced our genealogy back to Scotland. Her younger sister, my grandmother, was the family artist, painting in pastels. I take after both of them. (My father takes after Aunt Lucile; he traced his dad's side clear back to a knight fighting under William the Conqueror!)

After stopping for over 2 years, I am once again drawing some of the Everyday Matters challenges. Currently, I am doing them in an Earthbound Recycled sketchbook with brown kraft paper --- this is the second of two sketchbooks that were devoted to EDM challenges. I began drawing these challenges in 2007; this is what gave me the experience and confidence to draw nearly anything I want to.

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