13 September 2012

Kansas State Fair

Bill manned a booth for the Propane Association at the State Fair last Friday --- which meant free admission for both of us. And during the 4 hours he was stuck behind a booth, I wandered and sketched a bit.
I sketched this concession stand, standing under a tree, and the wind blew seed pods down on my head. They hurt a bit when they hit, even through a hat! But fun to draw.

Across from Bill's booth, a merchant, "Soya Essence", sold essential oils made locally in Wichita. I bought a couple of items and they are incredible! No more sinus headaches in the morning since using the "Breathe Easy" at bedtime. I'm going to try a blend they recommended trying for the dermatitis on my scalp.
And of course, our favorite part of the fair is the livestock --- whether exotic babies in the petting zoo, or ordinary farm animals. We both love cows! And it would be wonderful to be able to own some chickens (fresh eggs!) and maybe a llama (I love knitting).

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