03 July 2012

souvenirs from Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Our son Jason and his family came to visit us over the weekend. On Monday we picked up our other granddaughter, Mikala, from her other grandma's and took the kids to Tanganyika Wildlife Park west of Wichita. The only one missing of the 5 cousins was Quentin, who is in Austin.

Too hot to stop and sketch in the intense sunlight and heat, but we walked the entire park --- feeding, petting, and admiring animals here and there and even a camel ride for Mikala, Jayna, and Josiah. On the drive home, I tried to sketch the children's souvenirs in pencil . . . to much laughter from the girls as a very bumpy ride made them very scribbly. But I redrew them in ink later at home and added a splash of color.

I didn't have a chance to sketch Josiah's choice, a long rubber snake, but he took time to add some pencil sketches of his own. This is the second snake he has picked out this summer --- a budding herpetologist with a daddy who is very afraid of snakes!

This finishes up the small Moleskine I sometimes carried in my bag since January. So I am officially without a current sketchbook until I glue the covers together on the new sketchbooks.

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