07 July 2012

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Our granddaughter, Mikala, has been visiting our small town, shared between her other grandparents and us. During her long stay, our son Jason and his family came for a long weekend visit, bringing 3 more of our 5 grandchildren: Jayna, Josiah, and Judah.

On Monday we took all the children to Goddard, KS to visit Tanganyika, a small privately owned wildlife park. Being a very hot morning, I did not take time to sketch on site; even the animals sought out the few shady spots. I did take a few photos though --- Sketching from the photos in my journal helps me keep the happy memories now that our kids have all returned home. (We raised 4 children here in Kansas; now all 4 live in various places in Texas)

This prairie meadow is just outside of the park -- I loved the streak of yellow wildflowers in the distance, though I didn't quite capture them here. The girls and I thought the tokens were pretty so I even took a photo of one -- these are used to feed many of the animals.


  1. great sketches. The colors really pop on your paper.

  2. Thank you! This sky seemed to paint itself --- I used a large squirrel mop brush instead of a flat or round.


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