05 July 2012

new sketchbooks

Well they are together at least . . . . I made so many mistakes while adding covers to the Coptic-bound book blocks!

I had originally planned on different colors of book-cloth for contrast spines. But I'm still dealing with some vertigo/dizziness, so I kept it as simple as possible. I may add some small bit of embellishment to the front of each as I use them --- that helps to easily tell the front from the back. I may shorten those ribbon bookmarks a bit as well.

The first two covers were glued on before I remembered the end papers . . . they seem to work fine with just the first and last pages of the book block used as end papers. Another one has a major folded ripple in one end paper . . . pure carelessness. One book's spine board was too wide. Oh, well . . . .

Most of my previous sketchbooks are the size reached when simply folding/tearing down from the original full-size paper -- ending with 5.5 x 7.5" book blocks. These are a bit bigger this time, about 7 x 9". Three are Kilimanjaro 140 lb cold-press watercolor paper from Cheap Joe's, one is Fabriano Artistico 140 # hot-press, and the last one is a combination of Fabriano Artistico 90 lb. soft-press and Mi Tientes toned papers. Oh . . . and making my own bookcloth worked great! Cotton fabric and white tissue paper put together with Heat & Bond iron-on adhesive.


  1. I wanted to contact you privately but can't find an email address.I have just finished 7 months of vertigo. They used the Epley maneuver to correct. Do a good two minutes between each move. I am finally better Here is the youtube demonstration.
    Best of luck to you

  2. How weird . . . I typed out a reply earlier but it didn't post for some reason.

    Anyway, I want to thank you for sending me this link! A couple of other on-line friends told me about the maneuver but I did not fully understand so I have been doing it wrong. The youtube demo you linked to explains it so much better! I'll be trying this and hopefully get rid of this annoying stuff.

    Thanks again, Beth!

    (I also took a brief peek at your gorgeous blogs --- need to spend more time there . . . .)

  3. These are great!!! I like those covers!!

  4. Thank you, Susan! The fabric was in a small bundle for quilters at Hobby Lobby --- the print seemed to fit book covers.

  5. These look great. I've been creating pamphlet journals of similar size (7.5"x10") and I've found them to be just the right size - not too big, not too small!

  6. I've only sketched a few pages but the size does seem very right!

  7. new sketchbooks are so exciting! the colors look great.

  8. I do get excited to open a new one each time! This have a few less pages than my previous ones -- makes them open easier, less stress on the spine, and less time until another new one is begun! Love new toys!!


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