18 June 2012

weekend with Mikala

Our son-in-law and eldest granddaughter are visiting from Texas -- Michael plays in the golf tournament held over Father's day every year. Mikala spends part of the time with her other grandparents and part of the time with us. This weekend she was with us --- we made paper bracelets and origami, and played LOTS of games. Now she is with Michael's parents, attending Junior Golf camp with her cousin. She is an amazing player for only 9 years old -- so competitive! Then she will be with us again next weekend.

Just before coming here, Michael, Kristen, and Mikala spent a week at Disneyworld, where the Cheshire cat and Perry the platypus joined Mikala's collection of friends.


  1. Ah yes Phineas and Ferb- I've spent many and afternoon with them and my granddaughters! Rest up for next weekend and have fun!

  2. Isn't it a fun show? Mikala has her favorite episodes taped to watch over and over, and loves telling me about the ones I've missed.


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