13 June 2012

Tuesday's sketching

Humidity levels have dropped so Ceilidh and I sat out on the porch yesterday. I sketched this chair while sitting in the porch swing Bill made to match the chair.

Later Bill wanted to buy some cookies; I'm avoiding most grains but I treated myself to part of a candy bar --- I've been really good at eating better the last few weeks, in spite of the vertigo. I lost 6 lbs. in three weeks, twice the amount I plan to lose per week.

I've tried eating healthier for quite a while, but without seeing any weight loss. Until my doctor told me to download the "Lose It" app to chart food and exercise each day. Seems to help a lot.


  1. Oh a great post. The drawing of the candy is excellent.. makes me want to open it. :) I too have been trying to lose weight by eating healthier but its not helping. I dont have a phone to down load that app tho. but I think one has to really write things down as I know I eat things I don't realize. Congrats on the weight loss.

  2. I don't own a cell phone but one of our sons gave me his old iPod Touch. All you have to do with this app is tell it what you ate and how much (or how you moved and how long). It calculates everything for you. No thinking involved on my part. I laughed at it even counting vacuuming and housecleaning!

  3. Hello there!

    I encountered your work doing a search for Missouri wildflowers; you are a wonderful artist of the every day, and your blog is very inspiring!

    I am new to Kansas City, and am loving learning all of the nature that is so different from Idaho, where I grew up. Thank you for sharing your talent here.



  4. Thank you for visiting, Marqueta! Your comment is so encouraging.

    I'm a bit amazed that you could find my blog through a search for Missouri wildflowers, though I remember sketching some of them with Cathy 'Kate' Johnson on sketchcrawls in Excelsior Springs (NE of Kansas City).


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