24 June 2012

clearing Jeff's room

Jeff has moved out of his college dorm and into a studio apartment in Houston. He wants some of his old bedroom furniture taken to him -- his brother Jason will be driving up here this week, so I cleared out some of the things for Jason to take to him.

While clearing out the dresser, I found this wee toy gun -- what funny memories! It was given to Jeff as a baby when we and our 4 kids flew to Arizona. It was tucked into the diaper bag and forgotten about . . . . . until we went through security to fly home. The security people looked and looked through the bag but could never find the suspicious object the X-ray machine said was in there. They finally gave up and sent us on through. Later, we realized it was this tiny gun which had been lodged down deep in a pocket.

Last page spread of this sketchbook. I'd better get the new covers made . . . .


  1. Oh my gosh.. Can you imagine them letting you thru the security now a days with something hidden they couldn't find? Great sketch. Does this give you more room now with his things gone? or does it give you more of an empty nest feeling? :)

  2. It's scary to think what actual weapons could have gotten through back then. I once went through security with a pair of VERY sharp knitting needles (size 0000 to knit thread & beads) -- I know they are sharp enough to be a weapon because I once accidentally stabbed myself with one. They never stopped me.

    Jeff spent 6 years in the Navy, then one year living in Houston to establish residency before starting college . . . so he's been gone a very long time. We are established "empty nesters" missing grandkid-time (all 5 are Texans, 3 different locations).


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