12 June 2012

"wait and see"

I was a bit dizzy in the waiting room for my MRI, but sketching seemed to help . . . . as long as I didn't move my head much. So feet seemed a good subject. I wanted to capture the way this lady had her hands gripping her cane, but as I got to the hands, someone handed me paperwork to fill out.

The MRI results showed everything "normal", so I'm to finish the meds I'm on, then wait and see. If they took care of whatever is causing this, fine. If not, I'll be seeing a vertigo specialist in Wichita --- I didn't even know they had specialists for this!

I sketched this with a Tombow pen that is drying up, then added watercolor later at home.


  1. Good news.. you are normal. Hmm is anyone reeeeally normal? lol Well I hope the med's work and that's the end of it, but its frustrating when something is going on and they can't find it. Nice drawings of it all tho. Good way to keep calm.

  2. Gosh! Glad to hear the test turned out okay. I hope your vertigo clears up soon. It must be awful! I sometimes get that, along with sinus related issues, usually during spring and fall. I had no idea either that vertigo specialists exist! I bet your puppy loves being up on the bed! Great sketches and glad that they also help.

  3. Bill tells the results in different words: "they didn't find anything . . ."

    Still some dizziness today but no vertigo. Interesting that it can be related to simple sinus problems, Ann. This year we have had the worst allergy conditions in a very long time.


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