11 June 2012

Ceilidh on the job

Having a recent problem with vertigo, I've been spending a lot of boring time laying still in bed. Better than the world spinning around me, I guess. We rigged up a way for my very short Scottie to get up on the bed with me if she wants to by moving an ottoman in from the living room.

I also used my journal to record when each attack of vertigo happened as well as the current meds I'm taking to lessen the effects. It will be helpful this morning when I go in for an MRI.


  1. Glad to see you still sketching. Here's hoping to a speedy recovery!!

  2. Thanks, Susan. Sketching, the act of focusing on just one thing, actually helps some unless it's a full case of vertigo. I'm very thankful for that!

  3. Aww.. cute sketch. My hubby has made stairs for our Border Collie to get up on the bed now. She had knee surgery not quite a year ago and cant jump like she used to and likes to get up there now and then. Great sketches. I hope its nothing serious.

  4. I've considered having Bill make steps for Ceilidh -- he has built them for a friend at work. Our fur babies are such an important part of our days, aren't they?


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