18 May 2012

random scenes from San Antonio

I did just a bit of sketching while in Texas . . . . and am now posting some each day as I finish them up. I love reliving the memories as I tweak each one!

There was so much we wanted to see in San Antonio and only a couple of days --- we will be returning again someday!


  1. I love coming here to see what you have done. You never disappoint. Its very inspiring. Do you work from life or from photos you take or from both? You get such wonderful detail.

  2. Thank you, Cris!
    I do both -- work from life and from photos. If I am with non-sketchers, I tend to take photos to work from later. Or I draw just the basics in pencil or ink, then add details and color later.
    I keep trying to do less "niggling" of details (I love how loose some sketchers are), but the details keep sneaking back in. I guess that's just part of who I am . . .


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