07 May 2012

today is my brother's birthday

Several weeks ago, I was a part of an informal watercolor class meeting each Thursday evening. Our final project was to paint and assemble greeting cards -- my brother's birthday was coming up, so I painted this one for him. He is an avid fisherman / hunter.


  1. This is wonderful. He will love it. I remember a watercolor painting that my Grandmother had of a fishing hole with a fisherman that my Grandfather had bought before I was born... he died nine months after I was born... I was told he was a window washer and would see that painting every time he washed the windows. He finally saved up enough money to buy it and it hung on the wall till my Grandmother died. Funny how this card brought back that memory. :))

  2. What a wonderful story! Thanks for telling it -- I'm sorry you grew up without knowing him.
    My brother and I both have memories of fishing trips with our 2 grandfathers and our great-uncle. I try to paint his birthday card each year with a fishing or hunting theme . . . . except one year when I did a motorcycle.


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